What happens when my Smilers® orthodontic treatment is finished ?

At the end of your orthodontic treatment, in order tomaintain its effectiveness over time, your dentist or orthodontist, in agreement with the Smilers® specialists, will offer you several options. This mandatory period is called the retention phase.

No more failed orthodontic treatments thanks to the various Smilers® compression solutions which preserve your new smile over time :

aligneurs smilers invisibles

You can opt for a fixed retainer or keep using clear aligners for life-long stability of your treatment.

* To learn more about the different compression options available, please refer to your orthodontist

Traitement terminé - Contention Smilers® fil

For example, a very discreet, tailor-made bands from Smilers® Bands. It is placed on the inner side of the top and bottom teeth, from canine to canine.

Traitement terminé - Contention Smilers® Fix

Or a custom-made, patented Smilers® Fix system which finalizes the orthodontic treatment by combining support and esthetics. Plated on the back of the teeth, from canine to canine, and the same color as the tooth, it is discreet, very thin (0.4 mm), and leaves room for interdental brushing and good oral hygiene.